Bungou stray dogs scenery

Bungou stray dogs scenery

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Bungou stray dogs scenery

A street view of the historic city center of Suzhou is framed by a building decorated with decorative wooden beams and red tiles, a traditional Chinese architectural style of “Fengjian,” which means “to lean over to the earth.” The architecture of ancient buildings in China reflects the simple living habits of the common people in rural areas.

Suzhou, with its history, architecture and natural scenery, is a wonderful tourist destination in China, attracting many domestic and international tourists. In addition to its great architecture and tourism attractions, it is also the “coconut” city in China. In 2011, Suzhou had about 2.7 million people, making it the second largest city in Jiangsu Province and the fifth largest in China.

It is known as a city of the most popular wine and the oldest “Fuzhou” in Jiangsu Province. Suzhou wine, as its name shows, was first produced there. The city is also famous for its elegant and refined architecture, the scenic beauty of the beautiful riverside and the traditional Jiangnan garden. It has many specialties, making it attractive not only in its architectural, scenic and cultural elements, but also in its unique and delicate products.

Suzhou is a famous shopping destination, with an average of 1,100 retl establishments and more than 200,000 people dly in search of goods. There are a total of 18 districts in the city, each with a special function. “Qiantang”, the river that flows through the city, is the heart of the city. The riverfront, along with the East and West streets, is Suzhou’s shopping hub, providing residents and tourists with many leisure and entertnment activities.

The city is located on a large pln in eastern Jiangsu, an area that experiences a subtropical monsoon climate with four distinct seasons. Its temperate climate is suitable for growing fruits and vegetables. It also has an extensive irrigation system, abundant precipitation, rich mineral resources and many fertile fields.

Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning Province, is located in the north of China’s northeast pln. The city is adjacent to the border of Inner Mongolia and China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Shenyang lies on the northwestern end of Lake Huludao, which is the source of water for the city. It is situated on the Liaodong Peninsula with an area of 39,500 square kilometers, and a population of five million.

Shenyang lies in the arid and semi-arid zone and belongs to the second latitude, with a monsoon-influenced continental climate. The city is located in the warm and temperate zone of the planet, characterized by long and hot summers and short and cold winters. It is the fourth largest city in the northern China, in terms of population and the economic and industrial development, and has the fifth largest population in the country.

Shenyang City, the capital of Liaoning Province, is the largest city in the northeast of China and is located in the west of the Liaodong Peninsula. The city has been the capital of Liaoning Province since it was created in 1998. The city, located on the west bank of the HRiver and bordering Dandong City, has a total area of approximately 3900 square kilometers and a population of 6.9 million. Shenyang is the third largest city in China in terms of land area.

Shenyang City is the capital of Liaoning Province and lies in the heart of China’s Northeast China. As China’s “Window to Europe,” the city is one of the major international trade and financial centers. Shenyang is a great transportation hub and the center of China’s manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, and communication. It has a population of 6.9 million and more than 400 industries in the manufacturing, trade, construction, financial, and service sectors.

Shenyang is the capital of Liaoning Province and is one of China’s largest cities. It is located in the middle of the three biggest cities of Liaoning, and is the largest among all of Liaoning’s major cities. It is the core city of Greater Shenyang, and is located on the west of the Liaodong Peninsula. It borders the BohSea and is a very important international transportation and trade city in Northeast China.

Beijing is a megacity in Northeast China and capital of the People's Republic of China, serving as the core of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. Located in northern China, it is the first among the four major megacities in the country. It is also the largest and most populous city in China's north and central areas. The name Bejing came from Beyinli in Chinese, meaning "north of the northern capital", a reference to the original position of Beijing's government on the North China Pln. From 1949 to 1952, it served as the capital city of the People's Republic of China and is home to the executive and legislative branches of the government, the supreme court, and the Supreme People's Procuratorate, among others. It is the financial, cultural, educational, and scientific centre of China and hosts the headquarters of many state-owned enterprises and research institutes of high scientific level, as well as a number of educational institutions including the Tsinghua University.

Shenyang has a total area of 2067 square kilometres. It is made up of three zones: Central (1066 square kilometres), North (1160 square kilometres), and North (1141 square kilometres). It is one of the 11 second-tier cities in the People's Republic of China and a major regional trading hub with a population of about nine million.

Shenyang covers a long coastal area on the Yellow Sea, part of which is also on the BohSea. This geographical position makes it a good transportation and communication hub and a good manufacturing base for food processing and chemical engineering.

Shenyang has an average annual temperature of 11.2 degrees Celsius (51.2°F) with an annual average rnfall of about 885 millimetres (34.8 in).

The total area of Shenyang is 2067 square kilometres. It covers a long coastal area of the Yellow Sea, part of which is also on the BohSea, and two small islands: the Shenyang Island and Jiyang Island.

There are three major urban areas in Shenyang: downtown Shenyang, the North Campus, and Liaoyang.

Shenyang is well connected by rlways and highways, most of which run east-west through the city. The mn highways run north-south:

- Provincial road 10 runs east-west across the middle of Shenyang, connecting with cities in Manchuria and Jilin province. This route is the first north-south highway.

- Provincial road 9 runs north-south from Shenyang to Liaoyang, where it connects with Provincial road 8.

- Provincial road 9 runs north-south from Shenyang to Anshan, where it links with Provincial road 10.

Rlways run along the coast, connecting all major cities. These are the North China Rlway, Shenyang to Jilin Rlway, Jilin Rlway, and Shenyang to Liaoyang Rlway.

Shenyang is an important regional transportation hub in northeast China, especially with the Beijing-Hangzhou Rlway and the Liaoning Rlway. It has links to Russia, Mongolia, and North Korea by the Shenyang to Vladivostok Rlway.

The Shenyang metro system has four mn lines:

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