This cat is gay and there's nothing

This cat is gay and there's nothing

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This cat is gay and there's nothing I can do about it"




I have to wonder if someone like John Oliver would get as much traction doing

that kind of thing with big corporations, or would the show be just as funny,

but without the same amount of backlash.



We need to stop making fun of 'gayness' as it's been very successful so far

in fighting agnst it.






I'd prefer for people to be respectful of the LGBT community and treat each

other as they would want to be treated. But this whole "you are gay" is a bit

mild, and not respectful to be honest.



Oh come on, you know you did it. I'm sure there are lots of gay-themed

sitcoms with "you are gay" in them. My wife loved The Jeffersons. My kids

loved it when they were younger, although by now they're much more focused on

their "you are gay" shirts.



"You're gay, because you're holding hands with the same gender."



>, We thought it would be humorous to have a little fun with the idea of

>, teaching this to children.

I wish more people would actually expln why they think it is important to

teach children such things at an early age. I've heard plenty of explanations

from people who are not religious but are anti-gay. I think the most logical

thing to do would be to teach people why people feel that homosexuality is

wrong. Then, from there, one can reason about why the parents think it's

important to have their kids know that.



That is quite an interesting video.



I was wting for the video, but the text would've worked for me as well.



Can we please get rid of these kind of self-congratulatory bullshit like "We

believe in this because..."?



I do. It's one of the only videos I actually made, I'm glad it was made




Why is being gay a bad thing?

Is there any relation between being gay and pedophilia?



I don't understand why you need to teach people that a "woman's genitals look

like a vagina." I don't know anyone who knows anything about human reproduction

and anatomy, that didn't know that. Even if you don't know or don't see the

reproductive organs, the shape and placement of the breasts, vulva and anus,

are pretty basic. It's a visual clue you can't miss.



I think if we are talking about sexuality some of those things might not be so

basic. For example if you teach something about sexuality it seems like you

ought to make sure kids know about masturbation.

But I have never understood why they should be taught. This might be a reason

why people don't talk about these things very much.



If you aren't talking about _sexual_ education, you don't need to talk about

_masturbation_ , because you are talking about " _teaching children how to

control themselves_ "—the masturbation talk is specifically about how people

might learn, by modeling the practice, to _abuse_ children.

If _you do_ talk about _sexual_ education, I'd expect you to talk about things

that might contribute to unwanted sexuality, as well as appropriate, and you

probably also wouldn't be as silent about teaching the opposite view of




"If you aren't talking about _sexual_ education, you don't need to talk about

_masturbation_ , because you are talking about " _teaching children how to

control themselves_ ""

That sounds like you are talking about abstinence only education which is a

religion I don't want to go to.



>, That sounds like you are talking about abstinence only education which is a

>, religion I don't want to go to.

No, its an approach to teaching about the effects of sexual activity on both

child and adult and the risks that they might both take and the choices they

can make to protect themselves from those effects. It's _basic_ sexual




I do think that's it a good question to ask. But it doesn't answer it directly

- it just points to the fact that there's no universal answer.



I'd wager most don't really have any kind of answer other than, "there's no




But that's a wrong answer, is it not?

What would a correct answer be?



One that can account for the fact that some people have no problem with sexual

education when it comes to their sexuality and others don't when it comes to


I don't think that the answer is that there is no answer because that would

mean that all people have the same desires for sexual education. I think it's

rather that the nature of sexuality and the nature of relationships have

their own dynamics, and both are different than the education that has to

address those. You can't just teach your children about sex the way you do

about a video game console or a recipe, not even if you want the kids to have

good sex.



I wish I could vote this up more. I've been thinking this question for years

and this is my answer, I hope someone adds theirs.



There are two types of education - sexual

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