Hand signals for dogs

Hand signals for dogs

Hand signals for dogs are different from other animals because they live in a pack. Dogs communicate through eye contact, body posture, touch, scent and body language.


Sight is the most important sense dogs use to communicate with us. They notice things before we do. They may be watching a squirrel on the tree in the yard, sniff the air to catch your scent, or notice you picking up their dirty toy in the bedroom.

Sight allows dogs to know when you are ready to play. You can tell your dog’s mood by how the dog responds when you enter the room or when you call him.

What you can do:

Take your dog’s attention away from the squirrel by talking to him and giving a treat or food. When he’s comfortable with you and calm, put your hands on his body.

The hands can be used to show your dog what is important to you.


Dog’s sense of touch is one of the most important ways dogs communicate with us. They feel when you’re uncomfortable, frightened or excited and use the touch to show that they care about you. Dogs can feel the way you touch your dog with your hands. They are sensitive to our moods, especially to us when we’re upset or angry.


Smell is an essential sense that dogs use to identify each other. Each dog has a unique scent that acts like a password or a secret handshake. Your dog’s scent will vary depending on his genetics, diet and age.

Heather: "Hi, my name is Heather. I’m a certified dog massage therapist. I'm here to teach you how to give your dog a massage. We will start with a basic massage to get your dog’s body used to the touch. Most of the time a dog responds better to a massage after their day has worn them out. If your dog is nervous about any part of a massage session, I would start there. For this massage, I'm going to need your help. Come closer and put your hand on your dog's body so they can feel your touch."

Dylan: "Dylan, what do you think about that? I bet you want to stay where you are. Well, we can try to move you away from that tree, but you might not like that very much. We can walk you around the tree, that’s fun. But we can’t keep you from wanting to stay close to me. The only way we can move you is if we give you a little massage. Here's what I’m going to do. I’m going to put my hands on your body and rub your body all over until you can’t feel your body anymore. Do you like it? Can you feel my hands? Let me know if you want to touch my hands. I know that your body wants to touch my hands."

Dylan: "You like it. You can feel my hands. I can feel your feet. How do you feel? Do you want to pet my head? I would like that. I could pet your head."

Holly: "Your feet are fine. How do you feel? Do you want to pet my head? It's a good way to talk to them. There are lots of ways to touch your dog. All dogs are individuals. Some dogs prefer more physical contact, some like to be petted on the head. You can always try a different way if you want."

Holly: "Your shoulders are great, and you love my hands. I’m going to pet your chest. Do you like that? What about my arms? They are really soft. Your body feels good. Do you want to touch my hands again? Would you like to know what I am touching? Here is my hand. Can you feel it?"

Dylan: "Yeah, that feels good. I like my hands on you."

Holly: "It feels good when you touch me."

Dylan: "I think I would like to pet your head some more."

Holly: "You love your hands on me. I love your hands on me. Let me pet you some more. Are you going to pet me?"

Dylan: "Yes. I love to pet my dog."

Holly: "Good. I love when you pet my head. I like when you pet me on my face."

Dylan: "It feels nice."

Holly: "I love your hands on my body. Do you want to feel my hands on your body?"

Dylan: "Yes."

Holly: "Do you want to let me do that?"

Dylan: "Okay."

Holly: "I am going to let you do that. I am going to stroke you some more. Do you like it?"

Dylan: "Yes."

Holly: "Is there anything else you would like to do?"

Dylan: "Yes. I want to kiss you."

Holly: "Good. Let’s do that. Can you kiss my lips? I love that."

Dylan: "Yes."

Holly: "Good. Do you want to lick my lips?"

Dylan: "Yes."

Holly: "Is there anything else you would like to do?"

Dylan: "Yes. I want to eat you."

Holly: "Yes. I want you to do that."

Dylan: "I like your breasts. I like your mouth. I like your nipples."

Holly: "I like you too. You are so sexy."

Dylan: "I like your breasts."

Holly: "I want to suck your breasts."

Dylan: "I like that."

Holly: "Can you kiss my breasts?"

Dylan: "Yes."

Holly: "Do you like to kiss me?"

Dylan: "Yes."

Holly: "I love kissing you."

Dylan: "I like it. I like it."

Holly: "I would like to suck your nipples. You are so sexy. You are one of the hottest girls in the world."

Dylan: "You are one of the hottest people in the world."

Holly: "You are the best person in the world. The best kisser. You are sexy. Do you want to make love to me?"

Dylan: "Yes. I want you. I want you to hold me and I want to make love to you."

Holly: "I like that. I want to make love to you."

Dylan: "I love you."

Holly: "I love you too."

The next time they met, they went back to Dylan's apartment and started making love. Dylan was on top, trying to fuck her, but she wouldn't let him. He was getting frustrated, but she didn't want to stop the hot lovemaking.

Dylan: "Holly. Why won't you let me fuck you? I want to fuck you."

Holly: "Why are you getting angry? Why can't you accept me?"

Dylan: "You are so sexy. You are a super woman. I love you. I just can't believe this is happening to me. I am a lucky guy."

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