Feramo d for dogs

Feramo d for dogs

Feramo d for dogs from all

walks of life- big, small, smart and stupid. If the owner gets in the room

with their dog, and says "let me tell you a little story" we will

listen, with or without a smile.

"My name is

Dee," she sd. "I used to be homeless, I lived on the street,

and one day this dog came out of a house, when I was out by the

corner, and I took a liking to him." As she spoke, I saw

she wasn't much more than five feet tall, and was dressed in what

looked like the clothes of a homeless person. She had long black

hr, and in a funny way, her face and ears looked familiar to


"We were friends for

a couple of weeks, and he came in the room with me and stayed

with me while I was sleeping. He slept in the room with me. He

had never been with a human before. He never knew a bed before.

He was like a little kid, but a kid with big eyes and a big

heart. He looked at me all the time, he never looked away from

me, and I never looked away from him."


went to the shelter, and they looked after me, but then they

didn't know what to do with him, so they adopted me, and I've

been home ever since."


what happens now?" I asked.

"I'm a

veterinarian, but I have an important job in the shelter, I

work with the animals, I talk to them, and play with them. I go

to the shelter once a week to check the animals that come in,

and I spend time with the ones I've played with, as well as

working with new dogs. So the best way for you to get him is to

contact the shelter, they'll take care of him, and I'll be glad

to take care of him, but I would also be happy to do it for you,


The two of us sat at

the foot of the bed. This man talked with me while I petted the

dog's head. I petted him, and he licked my hand and looked at me

with big, trusting eyes. This man had known poverty, he knew

hunger, he'd been hungry so many times. He didn't know what it

meant to be warm, he'd never felt the wind on his face, he'd

never heard a sweet voice tell him that he was good, and he'd

never known that when someone sd, 'I love you,' it really

meant it. He didn't know that people who were poor were sometimes

loved, or even hated, but he knew that there was something

wonderful about humans, and that, in this world, even the poor

had something wonderful about them.

The dog's life at the shelter was

going to be good, with a friend like this man, and there was only

one way he would ever leave the shelter, and that was in the arms

of this man. I had to leave his life and live a different one,

but there was something I could do for him. I knew that my life

would be just as meaningful if I spent it doing something more

than drinking and hanging out in bars, so I put the car in gear,

and left, thinking, 'Maybe it'll be a kinder world, one day.'

Monday, February 4, 2014

This is the second part of a three part post I did recently about how much I love reading books written by M.M. Kaye, here's the first part:

I first fell in love with M.M. Kaye a few years ago when I read her first book as a teenager, “The Time Twister.” A young teen boy has to go back in time to save his brother’s life and ends up getting a second chance at life. At first, I was totally into it, but it wasn’t until years later that I actually started reading any of her books. That’s when I found out that she writes adult and young adult paranormal romances. I read, “The Darkest Powers” and was fascinated. I found that this woman was writing with the same creativity as all the famous authors I loved so much. I then found “A Darker Destiny,” “A New Dark Age,” “Tristan and Isolde” and “Violet Eyes” and was immediately hooked.

M.M. Kaye has since published at least seven more books in this trilogy, some of which I’ve actually read twice. But for this post, I’ll be focusing on three: “The Darkest Powers,” “Gulliver’s Odyssey” and “A Darker Destiny.” Each of these books are like a mini-series. In “The Darkest Powers,” there are two couples and their lives and their interactions are explored as the book goes along. I won’t divulge the detls because they are well worth reading and will ruin the whole thing. The two couples are not who they appear to be. They are actually the products of an evil conspiracy, and are pitted agnst each other in the end. I highly recommend “The Darkest Powers” to anyone who enjoys vampire romances, fantasy stories, paranormal romances, and romance in general.

After I read “The Darkest Powers,” I was fascinated with the world that Ms. Kaye had created. While this book is not a stand-alone, I think I’d like to continue reading and see where it goes, if it goes anywhere. In the sequel “Gulliver’s Odyssey,” there is one couple and the story explores their lives together as they fall in love. For the third book in the series, I have already read this and loved it so much that I’ve read it twice. The story follows two young children who must team up to stop a war between the good and the evil. It’s like something out of Lord of the Rings. And, it’s like that because it is.

If you read my book blog or like my book reviews, you’ll know that I LOVE books about children and teens. I have read and enjoyed books with children or about children or children in danger. But, I’ve never really read a book like “The Child Thief” by Laura Ruby, published in 2006. Ruby weaves in the story of her life in a very unique way. This is the story of her life told as an adult, using her own memories and those of her family and friends. The mn characters are her own parents, her sisters, her friends, and her neighbors. The writing itself is fascinating, because the story is told in the first person by a child and an adult. At the same time, Ruby has put together a family tree that traces her ancestry back to medieval times and tells us a bit about her family’s life. It gives us a wonderful peek into a woman’s life in medieval England.

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