Can dogs eat bread

Can dogs eat bread

Can dogs eat bread?

So, the dog I have is 14 months old and we’ve been feeding her homemade dog food made up of fresh meat, boiled bones, etc. She’s had absolutely no health issues and is really chunky and healthy looking.

We also eat organic dog food because we think it’s better for our dogs, although I’ve never seen a reason to do that.

But then today, I found out that bread is bad for dogs, and so I was thinking… does this mean I should give her wheat germ or wheat bran? I’ve never seen anything that says that bread is bad for dogs but I just wanted to make sure before I buy more of it and feed it to her.

If you could help, I’d really appreciate it! Thanks!


Dear Shauna,

Thank you for your question. I just love dog questions that are specific, detailed, and don’t have a bunch of general responses!

No, bread is not bad for dogs. Bread and other carbs is fine for dogs, especially when they are well-hydrated. In fact, there are many commercial dog foods that are 100% carb and it is actually very healthy for them. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t give your dog too much too often, especially if you are feeding them a highly-calorie diet. (That’s probably why you’ve been using home-made dog food.) Also, you can check out this page of dog food recipes:

But for the most part, bread isn’t the problem. The problem is what else you are feeding your dog that contains bread! Dogs do not tolerate grains very well, especially wheat. Bread has a lot of gluten (which causes a reaction in many dogs). The protein in bread will cause inflammation. You don’t want that. The bread is probably causing inflammation in your dog’s stomach, causing the stomach lining to tear. When this happens, food doesn’t digest properly. And then it causes weight gain.

So, what is bad for dogs is bread, bread, bread, and more bread. Also, you should never feed raw bones to your dog because they contain calcium and can cause kidney stones. So, you should be feeding cooked bones or cooked dog food or cooked meat or cooked eggs, etc. You should also be feeding them a healthy, well-balanced diet that contains fruits and veggies, as well as protein (that’s why I mentioned the recipes above).

But the most important thing you can do is keep them well-hydrated. You should feed them 2-3 cups of water a day. If they are overweight, then they can get the extra water from their food. You can check out the dog food recipes I linked to above. I hope this helps!


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I hope this helps.



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