I want to draw a cat for you net worth

I want to draw a cat for you net worth

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I want to draw a cat for you net worth. She has been a cat her whole life, even though this is the first time I am doing a collage of some of her pictures together.

My cat and I have a special bond, she is very smart. Here is a list of her nicknames. Her name is Lulu.

She has a list of names that she refers to herself. This is how she spells her name.


Cute LuLu


My cat is very smart, and she has many of her own nicknames.

This is one of her nicknames she has, Lulu was a street cat.

One of her nicknames that she uses the most is "Kitty cat"

Her favorite food is chicken and cheese. Lulu is an expert at playing catch with herself. She can do this really well. It is very fun to watch. I think it has to do with catching a shadow. She does not like to eat her food too fast, it has to be in slow motion. She loves to stretch and it reminds me of some of the pictures of a cat stretching. She enjoys playing fetch, it is one of her favorite things. If she sees a toy she likes, she will chase it up and down the length of the room, and sometimes she will even bite it on the way down. She loves being brushed and it makes her purr. Here are some of the pictures of her playing with her toys. I love watching her play.

She loves being a ball of fur. She will get on my lap and curl up in a ball. When she is on my lap she does not like to fall asleep. She likes to be watched. If you sit and watch her she will stretch out, lie down, look at you and maybe even purr. She will stretch out until you get up to take a walk. She loves to be in the sun. She can sit for hours and watch the birds flying around.

Here are a few pictures of Lulu playing and sleeping. I think she looks very cute.

Lulu plays in the snow

Lulu on the snow

Lulu's fur

When Lulu is in a happy mood her eyes light up. She always keeps her eyes open, it looks so pretty. She is so cute. I know one day she will not be able to be with me because she is too little to drive.

Her big paw prints in the snow.

Lulu is such a little, soft, good girl. I want to hug her all day.

She can purr really loud. She looks like she is in love when she is purring. Her purr makes me smile.

Thursday, March 5, 2013

I have decided to make this blog into a scrapbook so I have no time to scrap anymore. I was very busy doing something else and now I have no time.

Here are some fun pictures of Lulu. I am going to post these all year long. I really do have some fun pictures.

Lulu loves riding in her car. When I put her in she looks out the window and she loves to look at people and the trees. She loves her car seat. She looks at me like I am crazy when I put her in the car. She just knows to lay her head on my lap and I don't know why she loves the car seat.

I will get her in the car and pull away. She starts to look at me and her eyes look like she is in heaven. She can look at the sun and she is mesmerized.

When we first got Lulu, I just could not handle looking after her. So, I found this man who took care of me and Lulu. My life was better.

Lulu likes to lay on the couch and snuggle. She does love to look at me.

She has been a great, little kid. We went to my dad's birthday party and she got to sit with my dad on the couch and she looked at him and me and listened to all of the conversations and she kept smiling. She is a sweet little girl. She would not let me pet her face. She got soooo upset when I tried to touch her face. I think she is afrd she will get hurt. She is getting older and her personality is coming out. Lulu is doing some "grown up" things like she can roll over and play in her little ball. I think she enjoys her ball. I don't think she thinks it is cute when she takes her ball and walks into the floor.

I'm just thankful that my dad still lets us watch television and read books and that we have something to look forward to. We have a great time.

I don't want to go back to work but I'm so thankful that I have a job. I am a better mom and wife for it. I can't wt until she is two and one year old.

The other day we were going out to a family event. I asked Lulu if she wanted to go and she kept pointing to the ground and saying, "WALK, DAD." I was confused. I asked her why and she was pointing to the ground and saying, "WALK" to her dad. I was like, oh no, she wants to go to her daddy. I thought to myself, "I'm in for a long 2 year old phase." I took her on the elevator in our apartment building and she kept pointing to the ground and saying, "WALK." That's when I got scared. We were getting off the elevator and I was so nervous about her behavior. I was a little frustrated because I thought I would have to carry her. I felt like she needed someone to care for her and she was pointing to the ground and

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