Dog red around eyes skin

Dog red around eyes skin

Dog red around eyes skin on hands and feet

pale face very weak

taken to doctor doctor said all well but have not gained weight or

grown hair for last six months.

I was looking forward to a trip to the country, and a nice homely

supper and bed. I was very tired and sick, and wanted to do my

duty, even if it was only a little one. But I had not had a

supper, so I thought I would have some dinner. I found the fire

alight, a hot meal ready and a nice warm supper table.

I saw the supper was made in a dish. At first I was very much

afraid to touch it, but finally curiosity got the better of my

nerves, and I took a piece. I tasted it and it seemed very nice.

It was like a vegetable custard pudding. There were raisins and

some other things in it. I liked it so well, I did not eat the

meat which was cooked beside it. I did not want any more, but

had more on the top of the fire.

I found there were little things all over the fire, about two

inches apart. I was afraid to touch them, and they were hot

enough to burn, but my hands and face came near them. I looked

out the window to see if I could tell where it came from, but I

could not see. The dishes I was using looked too dirty to eat

from, so I began to take my supper from the pot with the things

in it, using one pot to take what was in the other.

I was sorry to spoil the nice supper the lady and her little

daughter had planned for me, but the things tasted so good that I

could not stop. I had only eaten part of it, when I began to

feel the effects. I was so sick I had to lie down on the table.

The lady was so afraid of me, she would not let me have the cup

for water. After I had taken the cup, I could not hold the

dipper in my hand any longer, and had to use my teeth. I did not

know but the lady had put something in it. I suppose she thought

she was getting even with me, for I should never be able to cook

for her any more. She might have been trying to poison me. It

was her doing or she was guilty. I could not tell which. The

sickness did not come until after I had tasted the meat and

drank the water. I can never have any peace until I find out

what she did. I cannot rest a minute. There is an evil lurking

over all this.

I felt pretty bad the next day, and could not get up. The lady

said, "You are worse than ever you were in your life."

It may be there is some reason for my thinking about her being

poisoned, I can't tell. I would never hurt her, no matter how

bad I was. She has been a good mother to me. I did not know her

before she took care of me, and have only known her since. I

don't know whether she knows anything about me or not. I have

been trying to tell my mother about her. I do not know whether

she will think I am crazy or not. I am afraid the other inmates

will think I am crazy.


By Miss N. M. LITTLE.

I do not like to write about my troubles, but I have no

where else to turn. I would like to put down what I think about

the subject, and show the cause of my troubles, but I am not

sure I could state it so I would not be thought crazy.

I shall describe what I have gone through, hoping you will know

something that will help me.

I had a mother and father in this country, but when I was born

they died. I was very sick when I was born, and I cannot tell

you any thing about it. They had to leave me in the hands of

the doctor, so he could not take care of me, so I was left on

the floor.

One day I found an old woman who was poor and was taking care

of me. She gave me a bottle of milk to suck, which she said

would help to nurse me, which I did. After awhile the woman

asked me if I had any other family, but I said, "No," I did not

know any. She then said that she had a place for me, and to

come with her to her house. I was afraid, and did not think I

should like it, but the woman was very kind to me.

In a short time my little brother was born, and I had to take

care of him, so I could not go, and I was homesick, but could

not tell anyone about it, because I did not have the money for

a ticket.

While I was homesick, the old woman kept asking me if I had

any friends in this country, and if so she would give them my

address. So I told her, for I did not know how to tell about

the trouble. She said I must come to see her, and that she had

a big lot of children, and she would try and find out if any

of them had any that were homesick.

I was glad to go to see her, and I knew I should be happy when

I was with her, for she was very kind and nice to me. She

brought me some clothes, and then she said if she could not find

any friends for me she would send me to the Mission home.

So, that night I went to the Mission home, and was to stay

there until I was old enough to learn to read and write. So I

stayed there two years.

I had a pretty good time at the Mission home. There were some

pretty good little girls there, and they made me very happy.

I could not study very well, because I was always sick, and

every time I was sick, they sent me home to be with my mother.

My mother would keep me in the house until I got well again,

and when I was well, I would take her back to the Mission home.

I was about ten years old when I started to work. I lived

with an old woman, and the family she lived with worked on a

farm in the afternoon. Sometimes the children took me with

them. I would go around with them and ask for work. I would

get up very early, and then I would go with the girls. They

called it "cattle-raising," and they said that was how they got

their money to buy all the things they needed.

Sometimes I would work for the women, and they would come home

from the fields, and give me something to do for them. I had

my lunch every day. My breakfast and supper was a cup of

coffee, a little bread and butter, and a piece of meat.

I remember how funny it was to see the little old women and the

little old men sitting down to supper. My father would ask me

to bring them their coffee and bread and butter, and sometimes

we would have company. The company would be a lot of big men.

They would be in the old wagon which was