Dog losing hr on belly

Dog losing hr on belly

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Dog losing hr on belly/head?

Hi! I have a 3 1/2 year old lab mix/husky mix and he has always had really soft fur on his belly and on his head. But, about 3-4 weeks ago he started losing fur on his head and belly. I can't tell if it is just because he has started eating some dry food or if he is going bald. What should I do? Thanks for any help.

Well we have had 3 dogs in our family and none have had this problem. Our latest, an 8 yr. old lab/boxer mix was born with a thick coat. She had all the usual hr issues as puppies and we never thought too much of it. About 3 yrs. ago she got a skin infection. The vet gave her antibiotics, which did not help, so she went to another vet, who started her on a shampoo that was made by a dermatologist. We were pleased, she looked great.

About a month ago, she started scratching herself and the skin underneath, and also had hrballs. We were very concerned that she had been scratching her skin. The vet thought she had been trying to climb up her owner's leg and scratching her belly. We didn't think she was scratching her head.

A few days later, the hrballs started coming out. She had a slight, and I think temporary loss of hr on her face, but not enough to be concerned about.

About a week ago, she was scratching and pulling at her fur and losing hr agn, so we took her back to the vet. She had been a healthy and happy dog, but we knew she was getting old and could not play as much as she had. When we brought her back, the vet took her temperature, and it was 98.2. (normal is about 100) The vet sd she should be in bed and not doing anything strenuous. He also sd he did not want to use meds and that this was going to go on for a while. So we were just going to have to be with her and keep up with her care.

We had another vet come in a few days later. He examined her, sd she needed meds and was prescribed 1/2 a tablet of Rimadyl and 1/2 a tablet of Rimadyl PM for the day, and 1/4 a pill of Prednisone for 2 days.

He sd the meds will give her some relief, but it's going to be up to us to keep her from scratching and pulling at her skin, as it can lead to her scratching her head.

So far she has only lost a little hr around her mouth and chin. The vet sd this is a normal part of aging. He is concerned that she is scratching her head and that it is the reason she lost a lot of hr on her head. He is concerned that if she keeps up this kind of activity she will not have much hr left by the time she is 14.

We really are at a loss as to what to do. We are a little frustrated and don't know what to do. We do have her on her medication and she seems to be happy and content, but is now scratching and pulling at her head. She is a little upset at night, so we give her meds at night and are getting some relief.

We have been doing the following:

1) After each meal, we spray some of her wet food with a dog shampoo. We use the natural kind. I am sure it isn't good for her, but what can we do? She doesn't really drink water often, unless we give it to her.

2) We try to keep her as clean as possible. I wash her with a natural dog shampoo and dry her with a towel, then give her a quick comb out.

3) We try to keep her hr cut about 2-4 inches long to make her less of a target for other animals.

We would appreciate any comments, or suggestions, that you may have.

Oh, just for information, this is her first loss of fur. She has never lost fur anywhere else.

I would get a second opinion, but a vet isn't going to be as concerned with a case that hasn't progressed beyond a single symptom (and I've only read a small bit of your post).

You don't know what's going on with her, but I'd be concerned. It might be worth getting her to a good, experienced veterinary dermatologist. The dog is going bald because your dog has a skin disease.

As for the meds, the vet is treating her as if she is trying to hide a problem. I don't know how old she is, but this may not be what she's meant to look like. As for the scratching and pulling, I think the vet has the right idea: it is definitely possible that the reason she's pulling is that she is getting rid of it. It's definitely a way for the body to get rid of hr, and you've tried all the treatments possible.

I'd definitely talk to a veterinary dermatologist. That's what they are for.

Thank you very much for your suggestions, and for your concern.

She is about 8 years old. We are just now trying to find a dermatologist. This is the first time we have had any concerns.

We have called 2 different vets for a second opinion. The first vet is a vet with a high-end grooming business. He sd

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