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When is the Best Time to Get Pet Insurance for Your Cat?

When is the Best Time to Get Pet Insurance for Your Cat?

Kitten or adult: when is the best time to buy pet insurance for your cat? Does it save money to do it later or is it best to start coverage as soon as possible?

In a vet's opinion, the best time to get pet insurance for your cat is when you are able to afford it. Although it's good to have coverage at any age, the premiums are actually less if you start insurance when your cat is a kitten then if you start when he or she is an adult. Bear in mind as well that some insurance companies will not insure cats over a certain age (typically 10 years old) although they will continue coverage if the cat was insured when they were younger.

Accidents and injuries can happen at any age and at any time. Young cats are more likely to be injured and older cats are more likely to suffer from chronic illness. If you are concerned about paying for care for your cat, pet insurance is a good idea as long as it works into your budget.

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A Vet Tells All About What Cats Need Insurance

Have you ever wondered what vets really think about pet insurance? Is it a good idea? Do vets trust it? If you have, here are some honest opinions by veterinarians on the subject.

First, what cats need insurance? Although it's not a bad idea for all cats to be covered, most young cats are pretty healthy and have minimal problems. Insurance policies are more likely to be advantageous as cats age and may have a better “return” in their senior years. Just like kids in their teens or 20s, most serious problems surface either very early on or as they get much older.

Similar to people, cats generally have more problems as they get older. As humans advance in age we tire out faster, injury more easily, and are more likely to have problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity. Cats might not get the same problems but they do tend to develop health issues as they age.

However, bear in mind that some insurance companies will not cover cats above a certain age. And once a health problem has already developed, many insurance companies will consider it a pre-existing condition and exclude it from coverage when you do get insurance.

Another thing to consider is that some young pets can have chronic problems such as allergies that require many vet visits and can rack up large vet bills. These problems can develop quickly and often require specialist care which can be very pricey without insurance.


According to the vets interviewed for this article, pet insurance gives you the most benefit when your cat is a senior and prone to problems. However, most companies won't insure older cats, so it is best to insure your cat when they are still young and eligible.

If you want the best for your cat and have budget limitations that could affect their level of care, the best time for pet insurance is RIGHT NOW. When you cannot afford an unexpected big expense and don't want to compromise your cat's care, pet insurance is good for you.

I hope this article gives you more information about the best time to buy pet insurance for your cat.

Is Pet Insurance Right For You?

Can you afford a $1,000 vet bill? Medical care for pets, including emergency care, diagnostic tests and treatment options, is becoming increasingly more sophisticated and more expensive.

Did You Know? 4 out of 5 pets will have a medical emergency in their lifetime, and every six seconds a pet owner will face a veterinary bill of $1,000 or more.

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